When innovation and startups involve real estate

While the Italian real estate market continues this 2017 with highs and lows, companies in the sector still do not show themselves up to the situation, unable to innovate and “look ahead” towards new business models.

The possibilities for development are many


Recent news shows us some really significant examples of success linked to the ability to manage and promote digital transformation and entrepreneurial innovation. Right now investors are very keen to focus on new startups, which however often find opportunities for growth especially abroad.

And yet, precisely on the real estate, there are many examples to follow in order to be able to offer specialized platforms of considerable interest, capable of involving a very high number of users. Here are some examples of recent news:

Good Finance, the company that launched is a startup of real estate ads that closed in 2016 with a capital increase of 300 thousand euros, aiming to consolidate, even with the entry of new investors, the role of reference portal reserved for real estate announcements of professionals only qualified to act as mediators.

Good Finance is a new startup dedicated to the talent and skills of real estate agents: it has created a platform to increase the reputation of professionals so as to help buyers compare and choose who to contact for the sale or rental of their homes, just like Tripadvisor for hotels and restaurants. The role of real estate agents with Weagetz gains importance and reaffirms its centrality in negotiations.

The Homepal startup takes its cue

Unlike Good Finance, the Homepal startup takes its cue from the American tech real estate and aims to connect the seller and the buyer directly, cutting down the intermediation costs. The platform is very innovative and also points to reviews on Facebook and Google Street View to be able to view, through Google Maps, all the details of the property. Last April, Homepal closed a 2.6 million euro capital increase, beginning an international expansion of the service.

Walliance was born from the Bertoldi Group and aims to gather sources in the real estate sector through crowdfunding, the company’s real strong point. Real estate crowfunding allows diversification of investments, protection against devaluations and broadening the investor base. On Walliance we accept investment proposals starting from 500 euros.

In addition to these examples

The Politecnico di Milano , second startup incubator in Europe, guarantees the development of various companies in the sector. Here we find Home3D, platform for 3D floor plans and interactive tours, Immo-neo.com, for the promotion of real estate, and Reopla MLS for MLS micro collaboration networks for real estate agents. And the future is definitely growth.