When do loan companies check us

A quick payday loan up to several thousand dollars usually does not require strict implementation of our credit history, although it can be different. There are loan companies that, even with the lowest amounts of cash, check us thoroughly in the GFI, GL, GFIC or Good Finance Sure databases. There are also those for which you only need to confirm our identity with an ID card, bank account or telephone number and certify a stable income. So when and which loan companies vGood Financey our credit standing?

What are GFI, GL, GFIC or Good Finance Sure databases?


Let’s start from the beginning, i.e. what information the abovementioned databases contain that Good Financey when granting loans, non-bank companies:

  • GFI Sure SA, – is the first Polish institution providing economic information on the debt of companies and individuals. It also has the option of checking your own credit history and whether we appear on the list of people in debt at GFI.
  • GL, i.e. the Good Credit Information Bureau founded by the Good Finance Bank Association, gathering and sharing data on the credit history of bank customers, credit unions and loan companies.
  • GFIC,- processes positive and negative economic information regarding business entities and natural persons.
  • Good Finance Sure – receives, stores and discloses economic information, not only negative ones about debtors, but also about persons who pay their financial obligations to banks or loan companies on time.

When does the Lender check our credit history?


With payday loans and installment loans granted by non-bank loan companies, each application for additional cash is considered and vGood Financeied individually. Even if our debt repayment history is not entirely positive, because, for example, we had a fine which we did not pay on time or we were late with the payment for utilities, thanks to constant income, we have a chance for a loan.

Trying to answer the question when a loan company Good Finances our financial history in detail in GFI, GL, Good Finance Sure or GFIC databases depends a lot on the loan amount. And proportionally – the more cash we need, the more conditions we need to meet.

The second rule is that the majority of Lenders look at at least one of the registers of indebted persons listed. The reason for this is usually limited confidence in the client and willingness, although a fraction of the certainty that the Borrower is solvent and the company will recover the borrowed money. The most frequently checked databases are GFI and Good Finance Sure.

Therefore, even if the person seeking a loan of a small amount of cash appears on one of the indebted lists listed, he still has a chance for a payday loan. The condition is having a stable monthly income and proof of it in the form of a earnings certificate.

Which loan companies give payday loans without GFI, GL, GFIC?


Such information can be found in two public places – in the detailed description of the offer of a given loan company and in forums where Borrowers boast of receiving cash, despite the debt.
For example, loan companies that give payday loans, despite the negative history in GFI and GL, mentioned on internet forums.

Although the list of such Lenders is long, it does not guarantee that every indebted person can count on receiving the cash they need. Each case is different, although often people with a negative credit history who have a stable monthly income can count on a loan.

So if you are one of those people who urgently need a small amount of cash, in the amount of several hundred dollars, and you are on one of the bases listed above, do not give up immediately. There is a list of loan companies that enjoy great granting of payday loans and which do not reject a loan application immediately after checking the customer in one of the indebted databases.