Fast Loans to Bad Payers, without Transfer and without Guarantor.


Complete guide to Quick Loans to Bad Payers and Signed Loans: can they be obtained even without assignment and without guarantor? How can we have them more simply? 

Loans to bad payers are a form of financing that is granted to those who have had problems with other payments in the past and have been reported as bad payers.

Bad payers are those who have had:

  • financial problems of various kinds;
  • they missed the payment of one or more installments of other past loans

This situation can also be a rather serious problem, given that it may be more difficult to access credit in the future.

Quick loans for bad payers

Quick loans for bad payers

There are many people looking on the net “how can I apply for a bad payer loan?”, Or “with financial problems”? In this article we want to deal with the topic, going to see what possibilities there are and how we can increase the chances of being successful in the request.

The assignment of the fifth

For employees and retirees who have had financial difficulties in the past, the transfer of the fifth is an optimal solution.

There are many financial companies that offer this type of financing and often the financing conditions (interest rates and incidental costs) remain exactly the same as those of a sale V granted to those who have never had credit problems.

The assignment of the fifth is a loan considered very safe because there is the guarantee of the TFR ( severance indemnity ) and a salary or pension (as the case may be).  For this reason, the transfer is often granted even to those who have had credit problems.

It must also be said that banks and financial companies always prefer to grant V assignments to pensioners and public sector employees (as they are considered safer subjects), as well as to those who work indefinitely in large companies.  Instead, there may be greater difficulties for those applying for fixed-term loans or as an employee of small companies.

Loans with bills (without assignment of the fifth)

If you are self-employed, getting a bad payer loan could be particularly complex.

Changed loans can help, but in this case there are two disadvantages:

  • not all banks and financial companies grant them
  • interest rates and incidental costs are often higher than average

What is certain is that sometimes a more expensive solution is preferred rather than having no solution, but everyone must carefully evaluate their personal situation.

Cancellation from the register of bad payers

A good solution is certainly that of deleting bad payers from the register so that they are no longer reported, something that is not always feasible in the short term.

Italian law provides for a minimum period of time before you can apply for cancellation, so if this time has not passed, you cannot be canceled.

On the other hand, you can always check your personal situation and check where you are on this “cancellation path”, in order to evaluate whether it is better to wait or not.

Pawn loans

Pawn loans are loans obtained by giving an object of value in exchange.

Request from special pledge agencies:

  • one or more valuables must be pledged ;
  • a certain sum of money is obtained in return (less than the value of the objects pledged);
  • within a certain period of time, the sum agreed upon at the beginning must be returned, and the engaged objects can be returned;
  • if the debt is not repaid, the pawnbroker becomes the owner of the objects and can resell them.

Get out of debt

A solution that applies to everyone, not just bad payers.  We all contract debts over the course of our lives, it is normal and, indeed, debts are also used to grow and speed things up (imagine having to buy a house by paying it in cash, rather than with a mortgage).

There are situations in which, unfortunately, the debts incurred are really excessive, and then the solution to get out of a situation of excessive indebtedness can be considered.  Getting out of debt and then applying for a personal loan can be a good solution (you can go to dedicated agencies such as Debtor Defense).

Additional guarantees

When you are a bad payer, having additional guarantees could give you some more chances of getting a loan.

The guarantor, in fact, is a person who undertakes to repay the principal debtor’s installments, if this does not pay. Often these are parents who guarantee for children, or brothers and sisters who guarantee one another.  Having a reliable guarantor can help a lot, as mentioned, but not everyone can be a guarantor.

Usually it can be a guarantor:

  • who has a permanent employment contract;
  • a pensioner;
  • who is not a bad payer or protested

Obtaining loans to bad payers without guarantees can be much more difficult, so it is always worth checking if you can find a trusted person who can act as guarantor.

Safe loans for bad payers

Safe loans for bad payers

When analyzing loan proposals, it is important to always carefully read all the financial documentation that is provided by the lender (even the small print), so as to be sure that they are safe loans for bad payers.

Among the things to check:

  • loan terms and conditions;
  • company name of the credit institution, including the registration number of the financial intermediaries and contact information;
  • the contractual information.

Quick loans to bad payers: convenient?

Quick loans to bad payers: convenient?

Applying for loans for bad payers is not a simple thing, as we have seen, even if there are solutions.

The speed and speed of obtaining the sum of money required depends very much on your personal situation and on the type of guarantees that can be offered:

  • permanent, public sector or retired employees can get the loan much faster than other people;
  • the greater the guarantees, the faster the bank / financial response can be.